Totally Trees Sizzix Die! May 20 2017, 0 Comments


We are having a whole lot of fun at Spring Quilt Market! It's always fun to realize the new work that we've been sitting on for ages!  Now we can all play with new toys! haha!

The last of my three dies is TOTALLY TREES!  Simple shapes great for scrap busting to make these darling trees in various sizes.... 

I've been having a lot of fun playing with positive negative space,

 and making scrap quits as well!


Using the same die to whip through my scrap bins to make this adorable new pillow for my couch...  I hope you've enjoyed seeing the new Sizzix dies!


Be sure to visit my website, as we now have my line of dies listed at the website.

click here  *Limited stock available

The NEWEST dies will be available in June!




You don't want to miss out seeing Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts on Fresh Quilting, staring today! 😉Get all the details on this new episode here: 

To market, to market! May 13 2017, 0 Comments


It's that time of year again! Spring Quilt Market starts this week!  This is the Industry Trade Show, (not for public) for buyers buying for their Quilt related shops!  All the new products that are newly released that you will soon be seeing on the store shelves.


Each market I have three new Sizzix Dies that release for the Quilting market.


Sizzix is a 40 year old company. Remember in elementary schools all the die cuts of letters and flowers?  Ellison Corp. is the parent company... They have been doing die cutting for a long time.


Sizzix has three different size machines.

Big Shot,  -- uses 6" dies

Big Shot Plus,  -- uses 6" and 9" dies

and the

Big shot Pro.-- uses 6" , 9" and 12" dies


We cut 8 layers of fabric at a time.  (Accuquilt cuts 6)


I design for all machines sizes... By mostly they fall in the 6" and 9" platforms... which gives you over 80 dies to use on the two smaller machines!...and....


You can ALSO use Accuquilt dies in Sizzix machines using a "Go adapter pad" that is a shim to make up for the thinness of there die.


Because our dies are thicker, Sizzix dies do not work in Accuquilt. (we cut 8 layers, they cut 6)  

So that gives you even more die options to use on your Sizzix...


IF YOU ARE GOING to Market:  Myself, and Jenny Doan are doing our "Schoolhouse" session together as we both design for Sizzix. Please come see us: Room #265, at 4:40 – 5:10 Thursday



One of my new dies (which will be in stores in JUNE)  is the Varied Triangle die! 

 How cute is this quilt? Three shapes, makes this amazing quilt. The instructions for this quilt is in the packaging of the die.


The possibilities are endless for design! 

The Heart quilt below is ALSO made using this die! All in color placement!




Each day this coming week, I will be showing you my new Sizzix dies, Fabrics lines and (info on my New book Modern Quilt Magic preorder now! !) that will be in stores sometime this year...


We are adding my other Sizzix dies to the website this coming week. Stay tuned!!



Be sure to visit for all the new goodies! 

Thunder Struck has been super popular this week!

LIGHT WORK! October 28 2016, 0 Comments




Today, Schoolhouse presentations begin!  Here's a peek at the Marcus Fabrics booth wont some fo my new work including a little glimpse at one of my NEW Lines releasing in January to shops!  



Light Work!


Inspired by one of my own quilts, Cloudy Day, I designed this line of low-volume, fresh prints, infused with a few pops of natural, bright colors. A complete collection that will look amazingly scrappy all together, making "light work" for the quilter!




My Quilt CLOUDY DAY, was my inspiration for this new line... I can't wait to share it with you!  It sure looks good on my home-away-from-home, hotel room here in Houston for the next 10 days!


More photos coming!

Stitching with Coffee near by.... October 23 2016, 0 Comments

 Stitching with Coffee near by....

That is what kind of past week I've had!  We are in the final finishes for Fall Quilt Market.    Most o fly stuff is shipped off, but I have a few last minute bindings, and extra quilts (from my two new fabric lines coming-out!) that will be stuffed into my suitcases, along with all the new patterns, templates, Sizzix dies, and Aurifil thread sets!


I often get so many questions about Market and festival, I always try to recap the difference each season...


Feel free to skip ahead if you already got it sorted out. 


Spring Quilt Market and Fall Quilt Market, are the Quilting industry trade shows. Meaning only people in the Quilting industry as suppliers, makers, designers, shop owners, authors, Sewing machine companies, fabric companies, notions etc etc, come to show all the hew goods for Shop owners to purchase for their stores... Quilt Market is NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. You have to have credentials that show you are a part of the industry to get in...  Quilt market takes up HALF of the entire George Brown convention center! Which I believe is Three football fields long... The other half, is all the quilts that will be up for festival... So we get to see the quilts as well! those are up for the entire almost two week time... of both events...


Fall Quilt Market,  which I leave for on Wednesday, happens just before, The International Quilt Festival Quilt Show.


Quilt Market dates are:  Schoolhouse presentations: Friday Oct 28th. then, Saturday Oct 29th-Oct 31st, is officially Quilt Market.


So. If you are attending Market, Here is where to find me.


Market Hours and Booths:

Friday 28th Schoolhouses:

Marcus 3:10pm, room 351c- Come hear about my three fabric lines out and coming!

Sizzix 4:55pm, room 352c - see my


Saturday 29th:

Marcus Booth: 1417  9:30 - 11:30 come by to say hi, see our designer quilts, new fabric lines and pick up a goody!

Sizzix Booth: 116  1-5pm


Sunday and Monday, I will be around the Marcus booth and loading around, Feel free to email me to reach me. I'm always connected.


Once market ends, (Which happens in the vending area of Houston Festival, for those who have attended Festival before)   They tear down market, Monday afternoon, move out, then all the PUBLIC vendors move in and set up, and are ready to open for business on Wednesday evening preview!


The International Quilt Festival Quilt Show. 


Tuesday night November 1st, is the Awards ceremony where all the winners of the Judges part fo the show are announced.  This year, you will be able to watch them LIVE with a $3 ticket code.  Info is here. I'm pretty stoked as I am getting a ribbon this year!!! OMG!!!  I'm tickled pink that he "Mr. Swirl E. Bones" got something pinned to him! 


November 2nd, Wednesday night preview, means the show opens Wednesday night for a a few hours... and continues Thursday- Sunday.


My International Quilt festival Hours!


Nov 2nd - Wednesday
Juki Booth #1033 - 6pm to 8pm

Nov. 3rd - Thursday
Juki Booth #1033 - 10am to 12pm
Sizzix Booth #118 - 2pm to 4pm

Nov. 4th - Friday
Sizzix Booth #118 - 10am to 12pm

Nov. 5th - Saturday
Sizzix Booth #118 - 10am to 12pm
Juki Booth #1033 - 1pm to 3pm




 So this is how I have spent my last few days... Binding, Binding, and Binding!!!

Every day, Different chair, Different quilt!  ;-)  Every time I see these pics, I think , who is that old lady sitting in the chair... haha.  It's true... 




I'm also preparing my hand work for the trip!  So basically we work 8am-10pm every day at these things... from breakfasts to dinners in the evenings...  I'm an early to bed kind of gal, so I tend to fall off early and go back and hand stitch until I fall asleep... So I am preparing hand work for a new quilt below!  My days never seem to end... If I'm not working, I'm working...  ( but I'm super duper excited about this new quilt... So, it's fun to do it!



I'm also repairing our new small travel cases... yes we have had a cute smallish sewing case. But now we have smaller ones!  


This size allows you to take them on the plane with your 4" scissors!  And of course you get to decorate your own, by needle turning whatever fabulous patchwork or fabric you want to the outside of them!



Pretty darn cute right? 

It's about 4.5" X 2.5" X 7.5"


Get yours here!  and yes we still have the larger ones available... I still love mine, and use it to teach with ally goodies... but I like this size for taking with on the airplanes!  my teaching one, can go into my suitcase with my large scissors and rotary cutter...



Next up? Packing... Jenny Egg is not happy to see the suitcases out...


stay tuned for:

Market snap shots!

Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for faster posting the next two weeks... Blogger has cancelled their iPhone app, so I can't post from iPhone anymore!  BOO!!




I plan on having some posts ready for you ahead of time... so you can see all the new goodies!




OH, and!

Are you going to Festival?


Anyone who has a quilt story--not just quiltmakers but quilt owners, designers, collectors or friends & family of a quiltmaker--is invited to record a 3-minute video with a special quilt. There are no pre-arranged questions or guidelines; just one person telling the story of one quilt in three minutes or less. 
Each interview slot lasts for approximately 15 minutes to include time for setting up the interview and audio testing. Go Tell It at the Quilt Show! is a free service for the quiltmaking community, provided by the Quilt Alliance, but a requested donation of $10 helps cover the cost of travel, staff time, web hosting, and video equipment. 

If you would like to volunteer at Festival in the Quilt Alliance boothfind out more and sign up here.