Star Storm is Blowing Through! March 12 2017, 0 Comments

My Harley T-shirt STAR STORM quilt is soon to be quilted! Thanks Shelly! ;-)


 Star storm pattern or KITS are available at 



I've been seeing many people finishing there Star Storm quilts! They are so fun to see!! I leo all the different color ways folks are making my quilt in! Have you mad one yet? Send me pictures! or tag me on instagram  #starstormquilt  #vfwquilts @victoriafindlaywolfe



Uniqueandnovel has a beautiful beach version made!


 The Bootscootinquilter is in a roll! TWO STAR STORM quilts done!

encodedstudio has a great palette of color! ...and some gold and white manor stripe!


Happiness is Quilting... Shop in Texas sample!


Material Obsession in Sydney, AU! Helen made hers!



 Speaking of STARS!!  My THUNDER STRUCK class has been producing a huge amount of really awesome star quilts!!  Here's a shot of the student work from QuiltCon!  This pattern is also available at my website.



We have a big storm heading our way this week. I am hoping it and the following storm do not mess with my trip to Japan on Saturday!!  Yep! Back to Japan!  Family time! 


If you want to comment,  Which is your favorite of these? to Comment, please click on the title of the post to bring up the comment form.  ;-) Thanks!

Happenings January 09 2017, 0 Comments



We added Solid bundles ($14!) to go with the light bundles this past week.  We have some ideas to play with these around here! So exciting!  


top  row: L to R morning light bundlepop solid bundle




 It's been so much fun seeing STAR STORM quilts popping up online!

pattern and/or  kit is available in my website and VFW QUILTS NYC Store




Don't you just love this Dallas Cowboys quilt? She also made the yellow, pink and orange one below that! Made by: Thebootscootinquilter  ( Instagram images)  She said :

#starstormquilt by @victoriafindlaywolfe 💗🌟 loved this pattern and how easily it went together!

 Below: Deb is making a Beach themed star! I love the softness of her palette!  


Another good instagram find, was this quilt made by Trudy, using my Tumbling arrows pattern and acrylic tumbler template.



It's freezing here in NYC today (15 when I walked the dog this morning)...Our building's steam heat is not keeping up with the cold, so it's very COLD IN MY LOFT right I write this, this very moment, this is what I look like..

I have silk long underwear on head to toe, a wool sweater, a fleece jacket, and my hat!!!

Classy huh?



On a warmer note: I head to CRAFT NAPA on Wednesday... I will unthaw then.

(No, being a Minnesota gal does not mean I should be used to the cold. That is why I don't live there anymore... LOL)

TREE IS UP! December 02 2016, 0 Comments


Tree is up! It's starting to look a lot like Christmas!  Botha t home and at the VFW QUILTS NYC STORE!  Do you have your wish lists ready?  



I'd be adding my NEW STAR STORM patternand QUILT KIT to that list along with the New CROSS & CROWN  kit!  You know you always need a fun new project!







We have been receiving so many awesome gloves and hats for our drive!  We look forward to seeing more of you at the Party on Saturday at the store! We have a lot of them hung up, and it's so COZY in the store! Holiday hours are party hours are listed below, and at




We may have gotten carried away on the decorating!  hehe!


Need one more item for your WISH LIST?

Come take a class with me at CRAFT NAPA!!!


SHOP SMALL SATURDAY! November 26 2016, 0 Comments


It's been an amazing year.  Yes, it's hard work being a small business owner, long days, long hours, but ultimately I am doing something I love.  I share that love with you all.

Today I am encouraging you to SHOP SMALL. 

My shop carries all my own products, My fabrics, My books, my Acrylic templates, thread sets, patterns, and other goodies... All of these items, is how you survive in this industry by having my hand in multiple areas: Plus all the travel, and teaching that I do.  VFWQUILTS.COM

What I love about this industry is that I meet the most amazing people. Quilters are the best!  My shop allows me to meet you here, when you come to NYC.  If you can't come to NYC, please visit my website shop.  If you are over seas, please email us to get you accurate In't shipping quotes... We are always here to help. 

We being , Me, and my small staff.  We all work hard at our job, we love being creative, we love being creative women building a small business... We need your support to shop small.


Stop by the store, we are always happy to do some show and tell for you of the quilts we have on hand.

325 West 38th St Suite 811, NY NY 10018

Thank you!!!  Happy Holidays!

Don't miss our Dec 3rd Holiday party! Info below!

Victoria, Kim, Laura, and Crystal.


How to ROCK a T-Shirt quilt November 18 2016, 0 Comments





I've been slowly building my Harley T-Shirt Quilt.  I love that T-shirt quilt shave such a Stigma attached them as being sometimes goofy, but this is proof you can do Amazing Quilts with them! CUT THEM UP!


I'm using my STAR STORM PATTERN for this quilt.



Holiday Hours at the STORE:

 We are open on Wednesday 10-1 Nov 23rd.

Closed Thanksgiving.

Open Friday 25th and Saturday 26th,  12-6


CHRISTMAS.  We are closed 24th - Jan. 1st.


Be sure to Slip your holiday wish list items  to you family!

LIGHT WORK! October 28 2016, 0 Comments




Today, Schoolhouse presentations begin!  Here's a peek at the Marcus Fabrics booth wont some fo my new work including a little glimpse at one of my NEW Lines releasing in January to shops!  



Light Work!


Inspired by one of my own quilts, Cloudy Day, I designed this line of low-volume, fresh prints, infused with a few pops of natural, bright colors. A complete collection that will look amazingly scrappy all together, making "light work" for the quilter!




My Quilt CLOUDY DAY, was my inspiration for this new line... I can't wait to share it with you!  It sure looks good on my home-away-from-home, hotel room here in Houston for the next 10 days!


More photos coming!

Splendid Sampler Block! October 20 2016, 0 Comments

Splendid Sampler DAY!


Finally my day has come! 

Thanks Pat & Jane for putting together a super fun Splendid Sampler Project! 


You may know me for making an obscene amount for Double Wedding Ring quilts. 

Well, surprise!

I didn't make you do a MINI double wedding ring block!  Aren't you happy?  hehe. ;-)


But I do like the idea of FULL Circle stitching! So I threw in some Appliqué Polka Dots, because I do LOVE polka dots almost as much as I love Double Wedding Rings.  And STARS?  Well, That is indeed a second obsession of mine... I LOVE STARS!!!   So, putting a bit of everything I love into one block, is how you get:






There are multiple ways to do appliqué, I suggest you do what suits you. 


Go to the Splendid sampler blog for your pattern and info.


If you are new to appliqué, cutting the paper templates and basting the fabric around the shape or washable glue, sticking the edges over is probably best for you.

I tend to do a mixture of both. I like the circle template for making cute, tiny circles... other times I like the back basting technique...  (picking out the basting stitch that I show in the video, and following the holes of your basting to needle-turn your seam allowances under a few stitches at a time...)





Cut out your circle paper template. Cut out your fabric with your 1/4" seam allowance around the circle...

Next, with a knotted thread,  run a basting stitch evenly around the ouster edge, insert your paper template, and draw up the thread to gather the fabric around the circle paper template...



Then you can give it a press, find your center of the square by folding each way, place your small "dot" in is center, and appliqué it to the background.


I can use the my shapes as templates for the half curves as well.  I cut my fabric larger, than snip around the curve slightly, so I can run a washable glue stick around the paper edge, and turn the raw edges under... and appliqué into place.


Once you have appliqued your pieces on the Squares, you can go ahead and assemble your block according to the instructions at the pattern.

POP on over to the Splendid sampler blog for more details!




Just to share how much I love STARS....


My Newest most requested pattern since

 QuiltCon is NOW AVAILABLE!!!




 This is one fun quilt to make. LARGE pattern pieces make up this 80" X 80" STAR STORM quilt.




My earlier version, below, Just ribboned at MQX!



This is the same pattern as the new quilt, just different colors u sing my Mostly Manor quilt!  This quilt last night, was awarded a JUDGES CHOICE RIBBON at MQX Springfield!  YAY!!! 

 I'm making a third version of this quilt now, wait until you see my fabric choices...  hehe... more on that later...



I'm so happy to get this pattern out...  It's been quite a journey...

You know what?  Next time I get my photo taken, I'm going to look over my shoulder, it seems 

FLAT VICTORIA and KIM are up to no good!  hahahaha...  I see what  you did there, KIM!