*New* Florid Bloom Double Wedding Ring Template set

$ 42.00

Ready to take on the curves? By popular demand I now have an acrylic version of my "Big Mama" DWR template set!


Set comes with the Center concave diamond, small melon, solid arc and side setting diamond. 

*Picture of DWR set is shown with the paper on the templates so you can see what you are getting, the templates are clear, when you pull off the paper...

Order a signed copy of my book, Double Wedding Rings, Traditions Made Modern, and get inspired to tackle the double Wedding Ring! Patterns are included in the book, but here I offer a large acrylic template set which can be easier then cutting curves with paper templates. ( See Strings of Florid Blooms, Retro Poly Mod, and Bright Lights Big City quilts) makes a  30" ring.

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