Playmaker Bundle: 24pc Half Yard

A half yard from each of my new Playmaker prints. 

Poetic Blue-VF300-BL2

Poetic Red-VF300-RE1

Fancy Aqua-VF301-AQ2

Fancy Orange-VF301-OR1

Flair Blue and White-VF302-BL3

Flair Green-VF302-GR4

Flair Pink-VF302-PI2

Flair Red and White-VF302-RE1

Muse Green-VF303-GR2

Muse Gray-VF303-GY1

Verve Blue-VF304-BL3

Verve Gray- VF304-GY2

Verve Raspberry-VF304-RA4

Verve Red-VF304-RE1

Vine Aqua- VF305-AQ4

Vine Blue-VF305-BL3

Vine Orange-VF305-OR2

Vine Pink-VF305-PI1

Daisies Aqua-VF306-AQ4

Daisies Pink-VF306-PI3

Daisies Red-VF306-RE1

Daisies Yellow-VF306-YE2

Impulse Pink-VF307-PI1

Impulse Yellow-VF307-YE2


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