Sizzix dies!

May 25, 2015

I am a SIZZIX Die cut Designer
Not only do I have my own Patterns, Books, and Acrylic template line (at my website SHOP) for making quilts, 
but I also,design Die cut systems for Sizzix.
(Die cuts are another way to cut your pieces instead of using a rotary cutter or scissors, 8 layers at a time,
by rolling the die through whichever machine you have,
and the blades raise up and cut your fabric by the pressure rolling through the machine.)

Sizzix is yet another way to get your pieces cut out so that you can work quickly, perfectly, and have more time designing your creations on the design wall!
My Sizzix designs are not to be confused with my Book Patterns... My Double Wedding Ring Book, comes with it's own Double Wedding Ring Patterns.
And my Acrylic templates for quilting are listed in my website shop.
So let's focus on Sizzix today.
I have dies that work with the SIZZIX Double Wedding Ring die. this is the standard die sold here.  
(These dies can also be ordered through me, if you email me directly, they will soon be on my website shop.)
My Full Melon and the TULIP, both work on the SIZZIX Double wedding ring die.
So if you have that die already, these two dies work with giving you two more options to use with you original die. I love having OPTIONS!
And this is one way for me to do that.
This is using the FULL melon die with the concave center of the DWR die.  ( DWR=DoubleWedding Ring)
And this was made using the TULIP die, the FULL MELON die and the DWR concave center  part of the DWR die.
I have several other dies, and for the next week I will give you a post of each of them so you can see all the different ways I use them.
I love being able to cut 8 layers of fabrics out at one time, and my Sizzix dies allow me to do that.
Please visit the SIZZIX YOUTUBE videos to see tips on construction HERE for the:
Need a Challenge? Click here for details.

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