Custom Work

I am available to make you a custom QUILT

When I make a custom QUILT, it usually involves a chat with you, and a mention of a few colors and a size.

No more information needs to be given. My approach to quilting is the same way as if I were to draw a picture, I have an idea, and I let the idea take it's course to become whatever it needs to be...  You, of course,  are part of the inspiration, and you will become a part of the QUILT...

Usually there is no set course, I rarely have a complete thought for a quilt when I start.  I let the fabrics speak to me, and I play as I go to find the right composition to complete the task.

Each QUILT I make is its own journey.

I never quite know where a QUILT will take me, but I find the process of letting it flow brings out a complete thought all on its own.

Please contact me for prices, and a discussion on making you a custom QUILT.


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