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I’m teaching at 

Woodland Ridge retreat

Sept 2025 - one spot available in the Quilting Experience.


Cottage tulip class is sold out. but be on the waitlist as life happens! You never know!


***Any teaching & lecturing that I will be doing going forward, will be announced in my NEWSLETTER.

I will only be teaching 3 day retreats from my home in NYC and 5 day classes at Woodlandridgeretreat.com going forward. Any other bonus events will be announced in my newsletter…

** (No, I do not do “waitlists” for my NYC retreats… It’s first come first serve when those spots are announced in my newsletter, and it sells out in minutes) 

Please sign up for my newsletter to find out first about these opportunities before it hits social media. Many of the live events will be limited to a certain number.

I am currently running my store from my home without my staff, and it's taking all of my time.  Stay well and healthy!

I have online classes & Lectures available for individuals to view online, But Not for Groups.


Please sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of all my website pages for any future special announcements I may have about any special events or teaching/lecturing in the future.   

International Quilt Museum

Exhibit runs April 19th - December 14th  





A few Treats you can Share with your Guilds :




 Behind the SEAMS podcast episode

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Victoria Findlay Wolfe


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