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Now and Then, Playing With Purpose: Victoria Findlay Wolfe Exhibit (Sept 2- Dec 5th, 2021) at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts TEXTILE TALK.


Playing with Purpose Exhibit, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, at the National Quilt Museum, Paducah KY. June - October 8 2019

Meet Victoria.

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The Quilters on Fire podcast aired Nov 22, 2021 link below.

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CLICK HERE to view Interview with eh Schweinfurth Art center and Victoria Findlay Wolfe


Danley & Friends Interview With Victoria Findlay Wolfe Dec 20th, 2020

Click here.

The RUNNING STITCH PODCAST. I am the first guest.




 Behind the SEAMS podcast episode



Happy to talk Quilts with STORY BEE! A new series for members of the Quilt Alliance, Check out my first episode with them, then go sign up to be a member! Support the Quilt Alliance. Document, preserve and share the stories of Quilts and Quilters! This is our passion! For more information visit their membership page.

AQS Paducah Quilt Week: Double Wedding Ring Quilts By Victoria Findlay Wolfe

2 SNACK SET ~ Variety Pack template videos, Get your templates here!



My Two Newest Sizzix  Dies!  Diamond Sampler and Crossroads!


Info on Sizzix: 

Sizzix is a 40 year old company. Remember in elementary schools all the die cuts of letters and flowers?  Ellison Corp. is the parent company... They have been doing die cutting for a long time.

Sizzix has three different size machines.
Big Shot,  -- uses 6" dies
Big Shot Plus,  -- uses 6" and 9" dies
and the
Big shot Pro.-- uses 6" , 9" and 12" dies

We cut 8 layers of fabric at a time.  (Accuquilt cuts 6)

I design for all machines sizes... By mostly they fall in the 6" and 9" platforms... which gives you over 80 dies to use on the two smaller machines!...and....

You can ALSO use Accuquilt dies in Sizzix machines using a "Go adapter pad" that is a shim to make up for the thinness of there die.

Because our dies are thicker, Sizzix dies do not work in Accuquilt. (we cut 8 layers, they cut 6) 
So that gives you even more die options to use on your Sizzix...

**  You can order SIZZIX  through me as well, Email me and I can send you a catalog, and we can discuss. I have some products on hand, here.


 A new way to look at curves!!  I love the scallops this die makes!  Ready for something unique! Here it is! Victoria's Curved Braid for Sizzix.

Signature Block ~ Sizzix

Need to make a signature block quilt for Wedding Anniversary, Birthday? This die is for you!  * layers at a time, means, a fast quilt with several options for layout and design! Many variations beyond a signature block!

Twist Die ~ Sizzix

This is a very clever & fun TWIST block to make. Illusions of twisting fabric, makes for a great scrap quilt or fabulous border!

My DARTS die! How fun and modern is this! two ways to use the die and have loads of fun playing in COLOR!

My Geese Crossing die!  I'm so addicted to to seeing how many different ways I can use this die! List the blog to see many options! and create more!

My Hex Star Die- Here's your tips for learning easy Y seams! Take that fear away today! Make these beautiful Star Hex blocks!


Square dance die, learning Partial seams.... Check out the amazing traditional and Modern designs!

Rocking the House Die: Fast fun scrap quilts!!

 Bow Tie Die, Curves and fabulous options!

SIZZIX MINI DWR Video, piecing and learning CURVES!

Sizzix Melon Die video. How to piece curves, fun! 

Sizzix TULIP die, How to piece.

Sizzix Pies & Points die: How to piece ( and have loads of design opportunities! )

Sizzix MINI wave die: How to piece, fun in small scale scraps!

Sizzix Large Wave die: How to piece simple curves

VARIATION: Sizzix WAVE die play for a whole new design using one die!

 Double Wedding Ring videos!


Watch Victoria on Sewing With Nancy! PBS!

EPISODE ONE: Sewing With Nancy, Victoria Findlay Wolfe Click link.
EPISODE TWO: Sewing With Nancy, Victoria Findlay Wolfe Click Link
Splendid Sampler Full Circle Star Tutorial

Quilt Alliance Go Tell It at the Quilt Show! Talking about my, LACE QUILT

Quilt Alliance Go Tell It at the Quilt Show!  Talking about my Quilt: Quilters Play Manhattan, 2013

Quilt Alliance Go Tell It at the Quilt Show!  Talking about my Quilt FARM GIRL at the Houston International Quilt Show.


Go Tell it at the Quilt Show, 2016 Houston Int'l. Quilt Festival, Mr. Swirl E. Bones 2016.

Go Tell it at the Quilt Show, 2013 Double Edged Love QuiltCon 2013.

Talking about my newest book:  Double Wedding Rings Quilts: Traditions Made Modern

Modern Quilts Unlimited Magazine interview.

Behind the Seams podcast

Quilt & Tell podcast

Million Dollar Decorating show:

August 24th, 2015. Podcast with A Crafty Planner.


Sit & Sew Radio podcast link: Sept 2016



Pat Sloan Creative Talk Radio: Monday 7th of March 2011


Canton Village Quilt works podcast: Episode 24 with Jennifer Paganelli

Canton Village Quilt works podcast: Episode 27

Mark Lipinski : Creative MOJO:  11/30/11

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