A Garden for All Seasons! March 16 2017, 0 Comments



"A Garden For All Seasons" is a 9' X 30' Quilt that I finished up this week!  Along with a few other goodies! This quilt is a public Art piece that I made to hang in building her win NYC... It will also be on view at Paducah Quilt Fest end of April!  I have a large exhibit of Double Wedding Ring quilts this year along with this quilt, and I will also be in the JUKI booth, teaching a class, and giving lecture!  Come say hi!  I'll also do a few walking tours on the quilt exhibit in the Main Pavilion.




As you can imagine a quilt this big took a few hands to help me manage it under the needle!

Shelly quilted it on her Long Arm, and her usually fabulous way! I set up five tables to be able to keep the quilt up even with my machine while sewing on the binding...It took two bobbins to sew on the binding all the way around! 



We've certainly had a bit of fun with it.... There is a video of this on my Instagram account.  I made this quilt using my LARGE HEXAGON Acrylic template set available in my website shop.



Now I wish I had a wall big enough to hang it here! hahaha... 

It's a garden that makes me happy, and smile all year long!

Star Storm is Blowing Through! March 12 2017, 0 Comments

My Harley T-shirt STAR STORM quilt is soon to be quilted! Thanks Shelly! ;-)


 Star storm pattern or KITS are available at VFWQuilts.com. 



I've been seeing many people finishing there Star Storm quilts! They are so fun to see!! I leo all the different color ways folks are making my quilt in! Have you mad one yet? Send me pictures! or tag me on instagram  #starstormquilt  #vfwquilts @victoriafindlaywolfe



Uniqueandnovel has a beautiful beach version made!


 The Bootscootinquilter is in a roll! TWO STAR STORM quilts done!

encodedstudio has a great palette of color! ...and some gold and white manor stripe!


Happiness is Quilting... Shop in Texas sample!


Material Obsession in Sydney, AU! Helen made hers!



 Speaking of STARS!!  My THUNDER STRUCK class has been producing a huge amount of really awesome star quilts!!  Here's a shot of the student work from QuiltCon!  This pattern is also available at my website.



We have a big storm heading our way this week. I am hoping it and the following storm do not mess with my trip to Japan on Saturday!!  Yep! Back to Japan!  Family time! 


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Catching up! March 09 2017, 0 Comments


Snack set Variety Pack available here.


New Videos up at my website!

You knew I had videos at my website right? I'm also on youtube for ages... follow along with me to see what's up!


VFWquilts.com  click on VIDEO link at the top of the page...


I added two new videos on using my super cute new 4" SNACK SET templates!  Did you know you can MACHINE piece or hand piece?


You know people still hand piece right?   LOL  I love it on the airplane or car rides..small projects I can take along with me...  So much fun, with these easy to piece cuties! I have two quilts in the works right now... These little gems are quite sweet, and can be used as the start of a larger block or a whole quit just with the 4" size... Possibilities are endless!







I realize I still need to show some QuiltCon photos! We really had a lot of fun vending and being able to say HI to so many people!  Here's a few fun photos for you to see of our VFW Quilts booth. I also will be sharing pictures from my classes!  Amazing students doing some very fun things! Stay tuned!


If you look closely at the bunting, you will see they are my SNACK set blocks set in a  square in a square... SEE! Super cute!!



They also make great name tags, and mug rugs! (Did you see my last post?)




BTW, are any of you going to Paducah? 


I will be there! As will my "Mr. Swirl E. Bones", and this quilt, "Negative Space, Positive Attitude"! which I found out yesterday have been juried into the Paducah show!    YIPPEE! ( both quilted by my pal Shelly, at Prairiemoonquilts.com


(More details on Paducah to come! I have lots of exciting stuff going on at Paducah, including 30 Double Wedding Ring Quilts, and one 9' X 30' quilt! (yep!) (follow me at Instagram to see what's been up!)  and I hope to see you there!


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Marcus Mug Rug Challenge! March 07 2017, 0 Comments





Hey all you quilter friends looking for a fun easy challenge!!


Use at least ONE Marcus or Studio 37 fabric or more... to make a small MUG rug no larger than 9" on any side.

(I know this gal, she designs for Marcus, I think her name is Virginia Wolfe.... Wait that's not right...

hahaha!  Do you ahve any idea how often I get that? seriously, Google it... TRUE FACT!

I like to tell people I am the one that's alive... besides correcting them that my name is actually VICTORIA, not VIRGINIA.


You think I'm kidding?

Just in case they didn't have it quite right, they included Virginia and Victoria....


hehehehehehheehehe!  Hilarious.


It seemed I should show you my Mug Rug in action... I do tend to make tea then forget about it, and leave tea cups all around my studio... So this is an accurate picture... I'm sure I'm not alone in this tea cup game...  


But you can't  see how stinkin' cute my mug rug is, so.... Here's my MUG and MY MUGRUG!  ;-)




Whether you're already a fan of the Mugrug, or aren't even sure what one is, you'll want to enter the Marcus Makers MUGRUG CHALLENGE!  Help us to achieve our lofty goal of "A Marcus Rug for Every Mug,"  now thru April 30, 2017 -- here's how...

Follow the various inspirations we've gathered from our own Marcus Makers (instructions for these mugrugs are available online!)


Then, post your entry on Instagram using #MarcusMugshot


and remember to tag your photo 

@marcusfabrics and/or @studio37fabrics

and me, if you use my fabric!  @victoriafindlaywolfe


Instagram tip:

Did you know TAGGING the photo( not just in description)  helps people see where they've been tagged?  Tag you photo, don't just do @whomever  in the description... tag the photo @victoriafindlaywolfe then it shows in my notifications... I miss people's hashtags and @ images all the time, as I can't find them in that long silly list instagram gives you... And I have to go search to see who's tagged me...  So tag your photo and help everyone!  

If you're new to mugrugs, be warned:  mugrug making can be addictive, which is really not a problem, because they make great gifts, AND you can enter as many times as you like (one mugrug per photo, please).  Each Tuesday during the Challenge, we'll choose random winners from the hashtagged entries to receive exciting fabric prizes and more -- Join us!!

...in layman's terms...

WIN FABRIC by using up a tiny amount of 

MARCUS or Studio 37 fabric!



need inspiration, check out he submissions already at instagram #marcusmugshot

or click  here.



and if you need more MARCUS fabric, remember, VICTORIA has MARCUS FABRIC.



I used fabrics from my newest line of fabric called, "LIGHT WORK"... Blur plaid, Vivid, birdsong, and dapple.


and my Snack sets or Variety pack templates would be PERFECT FOR THIS!!




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Stop Back! March 06 2017, 0 Comments

Stop back this morning to see who wins the $1,000 prize package from my VFW Quilts Quiltcon Booth Hop! Announcing at 9:45 am EST. @aurifilthread @marcusfabrics @studio37fabrics @sizzix_quilting @jukihomesewing @jukihome @sizzix #vfwquilts#vfwquiltsstore Aurifil Sizzix Marcus Fabrics Juki Home 



Home again, a fresh start March 04 2017, 8 Comments


I'm Home!  That was a long trip, doing QuiltCon, Savannah, GA, and Empty Spools Seminars, in Pacifc Grove, California at the same time!  But it was a was a very successful trip. More on that a bit later...


I came home filled with ideas!

I have several customer commission quilts to make, so I jumped right in...

Today, as we ( as a family)  all sit around in our living room, lounging, and enjoying a lazy Saturday, I began a very special quilt for a very special little girl who passed away.  

The family gave me all her PJ's to turn into a beautiful quilt.  I thought long an hard on what I thought it should be. I have some thoughts, and I 'm gathering from a beautiful book from the family that shared her small life's journey, from beginning to end.  I am super touched that they would allow me to turn her life in to a beautiful quilt. I feel a load of love and power, by holding each of these fabrics...





 A butterfly will need to be included, no doubt...


To be continued....


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Personal FAVS OF QUILTCON February 26 2017, 1 Comment

 QuiltCon has been a really fun trip! More later on that! Here are some of my Most favorite quilts... tags later, I just realizes I gotta get to my next flight! Bye! Congrats to All! Wahoo!












I'km flying off to Cali now, to teach a five day workshop at Empty Spools Seminars!  More later!


I adore each of these quilts shown...  Fantastic work!  

Road trip!! February 20 2017, 0 Comments


BOOTH #338

MIRROR BALL quilt pattern, templates and KIT!!

Come by to see : New Aurifil Light Work Thread, patterns, templates, & other New quilt Kits!  Will be available soon (not yet) in the shop, as we await more fabric!








We are ALOMST finished packing, although it seems not one more thing will fit into my car!  Except for Laura and I of course!  Follow us on Instagram, where we will be posting our road trip all the way to Savannah GA!

A few other things to mark down on your QuiltCon Calendar!


**I am doing a BOOK SIGNING at the C&T booth #118 Saturday from 1-2pm


**You will also find books in my booth, #338

**I will be in the Booth Saturday all day, and over my lunch on Thursday & Friday 12:30-1:45

(I will be teaching all day/night Thur & Fri)

Kim, Laura & Susan will be in the booth, be sure to stop by and say hi to the VFW quilts crew!



$1,000 VFW prize package

Stop by any of the 5 participating booths to get your post card, visit all booths for your stamp. Fill out and drop off at the last of the five booths you visit, to enter!



I love to hear from you! Click the title of the post to comment.

QuiltCon Booth HOP! February 15 2017, 2 Comments




YAY!!! QuiltCon is coming soon!


I am hosting a QUILTCON BOOTH HOP with my other companies that I design for!

Included in the HOP is:


JUKI Booth 405


SIZZIX Booth 324

AURIFIL Booth 1056

VFW QUILTS! Booth 338



So how does a BOOTH HOP work?  

1. Stop by any of Booths on this list to pick up a Postcard. 

2.Visit each participating booth.

3. Collect a Stamp from each on the back side fo the post card.

4. Fill out the contact section, and drop off at your last booth you visit on the list.


At the end of QuiltCon, one Luck winner will be going home with a $1,000 of VFW Quilts prizes! You do not need to be present win. We will contact you and it will be announced here.


$1,000 in Prizes!!!




12wt set fresh timeless modern. And my new  50wt light Work set (releasing soon!)


From JUKI:

Juki HZL-LB5020 Computerized sewing machine



From Marcus Fabrics:

Full bundles of Mostly Manor and Light Work


A Big Shot die cutting machine and flower die




A Signed copy of my Double Wedding Ring Book and a set of my Acrylic

Double wedding ring and Full melon templates!


An $1,00 dollar PRIZE PACKAGE!!!


So, be sure to swing by any of the booths listed above, at QuiltCon, fill your card with ALL your stamps, and turn in your lucky postcard fo your chance to win this awesome prize!



OOOOH! It's going to be so fun!!!


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Victory Splendid Giveaway February 15 2017, 10 Comments


WOW! One year has passed and the Splendid Sampler has finished!  Time has flown by!  Did you play along?  Pat is doing a giveaway at her blog, HERE as are over 80 designers on the Splendid tour!  

MINE?  In light of Valentine's Day, I am giving away a set of my Victory Block templates!   ...As it was the project I was working all day!  I was getting Class samples together for my TO The Nines Class I will be teaching next week at QuiltCon!


To Enter:


Tell me something Good & Happy about today!

The give away will be open until Feb 21st!  (I'll be not he road to Savannah so it will end at 9pm.!)

Click the title of this post to comment.

Please make sure I am able to REACH you in your comment, 80% of your comments come in as a no reply commuter, meaning I can't respond to your email.  Either leave your email spelled out  long hand.... i.e.:  vfw quilts at gmail dot com  ~~~ is a good way to do it...or a quick google search will tell you how to fix your settings...



YAY!!!  I think I have to much sugar in system from yesterday...