...And it's Up!

September 16, 2017 1 Comment

Ever wonder how a 30' quilt gets hung?
Here you go!
You may recall me showing you the quilt in Progress, "A Garden for All Seasons", which hung at Spring Paducah.... Video 
      (many pics at instagram as well. you all follow me there right? victoriafindlaywolfe )

 Well It's gone to hang at it's new home!

Simplicity Creative Groups new offices...


Me and a few peeps, did a...One, Two and a Three, and up it went... All 28 lbs of it...


And that's how it's done! We used NoSeeUms quilt system,  to hang this beast.  Easy to hang!
I'm honored to have found this a quilt home at Simplicity.  Lucky for me that their 40' wall needed a quilt I happened to have. LOL Be sure to watch the video above for info about the quilt... Quilted By Shelly Pagliai who posted about it here.
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