Dresdens and the perfect quilt

April 16, 2017 2 Comments

 My attempt at making a quilt I will actually sleep under!  You may notice in the video that Jenny Egg does not stay of my bed... She has to sleep with me, touch me, and snuggle... So I need a quilt that is not WHITE!  The quilt I currently have on my bed, is laying upside down, so the backing is face up... It looks great in my rom, but I want something a little more patchwork-y!


So here I am using Browns and pinks.  The fabrics I am using are:

Meadow Stripe beige

Felix in brown

Solid Brown velvet

Brown/cream  stripe

pink/cream stripe

Vivid in buff

Pink starflower

beige star flower

Pink Leo diamond

Elizabeth's dowry cream


Using easy HST's and Four patches, I am getting a lot of movement among these blocks. I'm loving it, but need some selfish ME time to get it finished...(things with no deadlines seem to take me a lot longer to finish!) It will be a KING size quilt.




My current quilt which I made YEARS ago, before I was serious about quilting, uses a random dresden wedge shape. I sifted through my scrap bins and stash and puled all my "not so pretty fabrics, and then added in a pretty fabric to each set, to make them all look nice together, Which, actually made a really beautiful quilt!  (it's a good challenge and a great way to get rid of a few old fabrics in our stash!  How can you bring new eyes to old fabrics and make them look vibrant and pretty? PLAY!  VFW QUILTS DRESDEN TEMPLATE


Now I use my VFWquilts Dresden template. I have a new quilt pattern coming soon, but this is a very easy handy tool to have in your stash...  22 blades makes a full circle... I used appliqué glue to hold my dresden circle in place on a giant quilt block, next used Bias tape  to top stitch the circles into place on the basis tape. easy to deal with that raw edge! No appliqué!

I also used it to make this sweet customs quilt before Christmas... More on that coming soon!


This pieces uses all of Meadow Storm Fabrics plus Yellow Leo Diamond from my Mostly Manor Collection


Be sure to tag your photo to share the quilt you made and sleep under at Instagram @victoriafindlaywolfe  #quiltisleepunder  ( quilt I sleep under )


I can't wait to see!


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Dawn Cunningham
Dawn Cunningham

May 25, 2017

I am a new quilter and have the Sizzix Big Shot Pro which I love esp. since I can also use some the of the Accuquilt dies.
But – I am looking for a Grandmothers Fan die I’d like to piece (not applique), and neither of these co.’s have one that fits into an Arch (they only have the blades, that I am aware of). Maybe, maybe you can create a blade that could work with your “Pies & Pieces” arch?. The drunkards paths archs are too wide for a fan. (Since you are a circle girl – thought I would be bold to ask. haha). I I bought the “Sizzix double wedding ring” die only because you came out with different wedges (which I also bought). I really like that your dies can build upon each other and/or give lots of possibilities to use in many ways.. Love, Love, Love your work, and you have brought back some life to the Sizzix quilting dies. Thanks – DC

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