Inspiration Friday! Idea Share!

September 01, 2017 3 Comments

On my design wall, playing with Futurum fabrics and my Florid Blooms Double wedding ring template set! Want to make it? For this 60"x60" quilt you need:
Red floral (Grow)...3/4 yard
Dark orange (Warp)...1-1/4 yards
Aqua (Infinite)...1/2 yard
Dark Brown (Shift)...1-1/4 yards
Orange (Infinite)...1/2 yard
Yellow (Timeline)...1/4 yard
Lilac (Infinite)...1/4 yard
Teal ( Shift)...1/2 yard
Templates and fabrics are available at my website, Links are here...
 I love seeing what you all are making. Here is Pat's finish of my Dancing Legs pattern!

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