Magic Numbers!

July 24, 2017 2 Comments




Went to MN and WI to work and visit family.  ~ Check.

Had loads of fun. ~ Check.

Came home with a new puppy. ~ Check.


Wait what?

That was not the plan, but....

A serious of curious events lead us to being home this Mini Golden Doodle, whose we have named Agatha!  She will grow to about 25-35 lbs. and basically tower over our sweet Jenny Egg who is 13 pounds.


and... We found out she was born on May 29th which is Beatrice's birthday! Magic number! 

...Meant to be!


We picked her up last  Saturday which is two o amy dear friends Birthdays. So again, Magic numbers!


And we got home in time to celebrate today, my 18 Year Anniversary to my darling Hubby, Michael.  Time flies when your having fun!!!




I willow be unpacking and packing for the UK.... Swing by  the Festival of Quilts Instagram as I will be taking over their feed tomorrow and Wednesday with loads of photos of work from the new book, works I will be exhibiting, and new projects etc...Go follow there page!

Link below.  Be sure to follow me on FB and Instagram too!


We're very excited to be handing over our Instagram account to the lovely Victoria Findlay Wolfe for the next two days.

Join us from tomorrow on The Festival of Quilts Instagram page for a sneak peak into the gallery Victoria will be bringing to this year's show. 

See you there!

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July 24, 2017

Congratulation!! Both on your 18th Anniversary and acquiring a new household member with your darling puppy!
I’ll be following FOQ on Instagram and just about to put a pre-order in for your wonderful looking new book.
Enjoy your time in England – it’s 37 years since we left to came live in New Zealand, still a lot we miss!

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