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October 30, 2018 2 Comments

Happy to Announce!! My newest book (hardcover, aprx 140 quilts included ) will ship in May! 
Pre-order your autographed copies from the author 😊 click here.
So many thanks to you all, for these years of support! This book is essays and images of my quilts covering 35 years of making quilts. It’s been a fascinating journey to look back at my early quilts, where my focus changed, and where it came back strong. It’s so inspiring to look at your old work to see how far you’ve come. Each quilt along the way, has been a learning experience and feeds my soul with joy. Don’t forget to play with an open mind. Creativity flourishes when your expectations are open ended.
My Industry Trade Show Schedule!
Are you a Quilt Shop? Coming to Market? 
Come by and say Hi!
Where to Find me:

Quilt Festival School House presentation:
Friday Nov 2nd
12:10 - 12:40  -  Room: 352D 
Transport yourself into Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s wonderful world of color.  Bold, vibrant patterns of Stripes, subtle delight of Neutrals and colorful fun of Playmaker will certainly provide visual satisfaction.
Saturday Nov. 3rd
RJR Fabrics Booth 1034,
See my Newest Lines of Fabric, "Playmaker", "Neutrals" and "Stripes" collections.
I'll be demoing little goodies, stop by and see, and receive!

C&T Publishing Booth 838
Modern Quilt Magic Book Signing 

RJR Fabrics Booth 1034,
See my Newest Lines of Fabric, "Playmaker", "Neutrals" and "Stripes" collections.

Sunday Nov. 4th
RJR fabrics Booth 1034
10am -12pm  
See my Newest Lines of Fabric, "Playmaker", "Neutrals" and "Stripes" collections.
I'll be demoing little goodies, stop by and see, and receive!

My "Sunny Side Up
 " quilt , in the IQA quilt Auction- Don't miss putting a bid in on my Auction quilt for IQA behind the front IQA booth!
You can also find several of my quilts in these exhibits:
"Soigné" quilt is hanging in the Judged Section of Quilt Festival

"A Year of Moments" 
 is hanging in the Dinner @ 8 Exhibit

"Crowd Pleaser" 
quilt is hanging in the Red & White Quilt exhibit-and is included in the NEW Red & White book by Martingale.

"Stitched Together" is in the Power of Women exhibit  

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

M Markey Dwyer
M Markey Dwyer

February 21, 2019

Awaiting your next post

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