The Quilt Show, Sunday! Jan 15th

January 14, 2017 4 Comments

Beatrice and I had so much fun last summer when we went to Colorado to film The Quilt Show!

 My latest episode #2002 and will post on January 15th, 2017.

*The Quilt Show* (the link is – Alex Anderson and Ricky Tim’s bring you the friendliest, Interactive Online Community for Quilters Worldwide!  Join today to learn, share, create, connect and watch Alex and Ricky in brand new episodes of "The Quilt Show"!

Behind the scenes shots. (Literally!)  ;-)

Getting the segments sorted out pre-show!

Still contemplating the rings! 


...And having waaaaay to much fun with Alex!  Alex is here with us at CraftNapa. We celebrated her Birthday today with some seriously yummy ice cream. ;-)

All the Quilts are hung!  LET THE SHOW BEGIN!


I hope you tune in for the CURVY fun!

4 Responses

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January 23, 2017

Great show…so much excellent information.

Some of the things I took away after watching were:
just do it
have fun
and yes in this house too, there is always more fabric!

sherri wolters
sherri wolters

January 23, 2017

Loved you on the quilt show, you made it look easy, i wa t to try this it lòoks fun iwould love towin thanks so much i know this show i will watch over and over

Rosanne Petrella
Rosanne Petrella

January 22, 2017

Wow! I started quilting 25 years ago because of Elenor Burns books. I didn’t know how to sew but her books were simple enough to teach me. Her books worked great because I just wanted to make things fast and have some instant gratification. I made tons of baby quilts for my friends. Once I had children I took me FOR EVER to make them a quilt and I ventured to picture play quilts or “I spy” quilts. I stared to get bored with the patterns but was afraid of curves. Then I found you through Sizzix. I had a small machine and saw your video on how to use the dies. I made the leap to the curve side and bought the small double wedding ring die! Then I stared and thought about it for a while talking to myself that I better use it or am I just hoarding a die stacked in my closet. I kept watching videos of you on how to match the ends/dog ears, found some clearance fat quarter fabric at Joanne’s and just started using the die with out any plan. I thought to myself….why worry its sale fabric and I am trying to learn the process of sewing curves…right? After a few re-dos it ended up being so much fun and I was talking to my husband about it(he is good/use to listening to me making things…we always bounce ideas off of each other!) it was finally finished. It certainly doesn’t look like yours but for the first one I was proud and hooked. I have being hanging it on my sewing closet as wall art. When I keep making more and improve, this piece will be like my first piece of pottery that I have thrown…I will see how far I have come in my skills!

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