To market, to market!

May 13, 2017


It's that time of year again! Spring Quilt Market starts this week!  This is the Industry Trade Show, (not for public) for buyers buying for their Quilt related shops!  All the new products that are newly released that you will soon be seeing on the store shelves.


Each market I have three new Sizzix Dies that release for the Quilting market.


Sizzix is a 40 year old company. Remember in elementary schools all the die cuts of letters and flowers?  Ellison Corp. is the parent company... They have been doing die cutting for a long time.


Sizzix has three different size machines.

Big Shot,  -- uses 6" dies

Big Shot Plus,  -- uses 6" and 9" dies

and the

Big shot Pro.-- uses 6" , 9" and 12" dies


We cut 8 layers of fabric at a time.  (Accuquilt cuts 6)


I design for all machines sizes... By mostly they fall in the 6" and 9" platforms... which gives you over 80 dies to use on the two smaller machines!...and....


You can ALSO use Accuquilt dies in Sizzix machines using a "Go adapter pad" that is a shim to make up for the thinness of there die.


Because our dies are thicker, Sizzix dies do not work in Accuquilt. (we cut 8 layers, they cut 6)  

So that gives you even more die options to use on your Sizzix...


IF YOU ARE GOING to Market:  Myself, and Jenny Doan are doing our "Schoolhouse" session together as we both design for Sizzix. Please come see us: Room #265, at 4:40 – 5:10 Thursday



One of my new dies (which will be in stores in JUNE)  is the Varied Triangle die! 

 How cute is this quilt? Three shapes, makes this amazing quilt. The instructions for this quilt is in the packaging of the die.


The possibilities are endless for design! 

The Heart quilt below is ALSO made using this die! All in color placement!




Each day this coming week, I will be showing you my new Sizzix dies, Fabrics lines and (info on my New book Modern Quilt Magic preorder now! !) that will be in stores sometime this year...


We are adding my other Sizzix dies to the website this coming week. Stay tuned!!



Be sure to visit for all the new goodies! 

Thunder Struck has been super popular this week!

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