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June 30, 2017 3 Comments



I've had many emails recently looking for class spots for my double wedding ring classes. Many fill very quickly, But I've just updated my list to show where I have a few spots left for classes in 2018!  This list includes BRAND NEW CLASSES from my up coming NEW BOOK, MODERN QUILT MAGIC!  This is going to be fun people! Don't miss your opportunity to get in on these early classes! Have you pre-ordered your autographed copy at my website??


 Looking for a class? These spots are filling fast!

Upcoming classes!

Currently there are 3 new Class versions of quilts from my new book.
These are PARTIAL seam quilts, Super fun and not like anything you've pieced before.
They look complicated, but are quite fun to learn, and not hard, yet another patience builder! 
Once class I teach as a Herringbone technique pillow class.  Both of these locations will have this class.

The book is broken down into class projects, so that you learn the skill in a small manageable size. ( takes the FEAR out of learning something new!)  Once you have the skills you can then go on and build your large quilt without fear! This a appropriate for a 6 hour class.
Another class I am teaching at CRAFT NAPA is This Herringbone Quilt, "At the Crossroads of Modern & Grand"
( These are NOT braid quilts. )

The larger version of the pillow!




and lastly, The Happy Wanderer Quilt Class 5 day Empty Spool workshop

Those of you who think this is strip pieced or log cabined or braid quilt, Look again.




This quilt builds left and right, on the diagonal to make four giant blocks that make one quilt. based on the concept of the previous herringbone quilts, but taking is a step further...

See? This why you need 5 days to PLAY with me!! Learn these amazing Parlor tricks to make Seemingly difficult quilts when actually they are not hard to do, but, teaches you something NEW!!  Isn't that exciting??


MIND BENDING!!! So cool.


I'm super excited to share more images from the new book...The first time these quilts will be exhibited is at the Festival Of Quilts in the UK in August!! here's a sneak peek! So if you are at the show, Come to my booth exhibit TG6, and my lectures!


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