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November 16, 2016


Visit my Store for all new items! Threads, templates and patterns!



Meadow storm Aurifil threads, 50 wt and 80 wt.  Dresden templates, tumbler templates, DWR templates! Books! Oh my!

Did I forget to mention Mostly Manor and Meadow Storm Fabrics??  ...and Solids for $5 a yard?




It's good to be home!!!  I get to get back to making quilts and sitting around appliquéing!  YAY!  Have a pile of customer quilts that are ready to get cut and made, and a few for myself! Including my Tumbler Christmas quilt in Red's and Greens!  ....And! My Star Storm Quilt made using my Harley Davidson T-Shirts!  Yes, I am a truly a farm girl, and have a Harley motorcycle... with load of Harley T-shirts that I collect but don't wear!  So, I am cutting them up to make a great quilt from them. IN fact, that quilt was designed three years ago specifically for my Harley t-shirts... I am only now getting around to making it...  You can get the pattern here!  and in fact, you can order the KIT ( fabric and pattern) too! here!


**Uploading my Video's, blogging etc, has been SO COMPLICATED lately!!!  First, my iPhone blogger app was discontinued, so I can no longer blog from my iPhone with blogger, and I have not had time to find  a new app to do so.  (anyone?) 

Plus, and this is my soap box... wifi kind of stinks lately!  Even from home, it's very slow... Seems what we pay for, and the quality  keep going down, down, down, so it makes my hair grey(er) when it takes so long to get a post loaded and up... grumble grumble...  I thought technology is supposed to make ours lives faster and easier...


Ok I'm done complaining about wifi internet providers...  ( for now)  Not really... I can't get my website pages to load to get the links... 


Dresden template is available in my website shop and my NYC STORE!



My Acrylic TUMBLER template is also available in my website store.. I'd give you the direct link but the wifi is kicking my butt this morning and I gotta get to my studio!



Because, ultimately.... I'M HOME!!! ...and I get to go sew and not sit at my computer! YAY!!!!


Later gators!



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