*NEW* Pickle & Star Double Wedding Ring Template set

Ready to take on the curves? Introducing my newest double wedding ring set: Pickle and Star! 

This template set makes a charming double wedding ring variation, with solid arcs or pieced points, and a star at intersections, giving some new opportunities for playing with these shapes.

Set comes with the center concave square, small melon, solid arc, arc pieces and corner diamond template pieces, along with basic instructions.


If you've taken one of my Double Wedding Ring classes, you've learned my tricks for construction. This set goes together the same way--with an added gentle pivot on the concave square.

makes an 18" ring 

Looking for Arc Foundation Paper Pieces for this set? click here

Kit options coming soon!

All acrylic templates come with either a clear plastic or a paper protective film. Peel OFF the plastic or paper off EACH template piece. The templates are CLEAR and scratch free because of the protective film.

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