Double Wedding Rings, Traditions Made Modern, By Victoria Findlay Wolfe.....Visit my shop!

15 Minutes of Play, By Victoria Findlay Wolfe.....Visit my shop!


Modern Baby by Martingale...


Quilting: Just a little bit Crazy, Allie Aller and Valerie Bothell

Modern Quilt Perspective: Thomas Knauer

Quilting the New Classics, By Michele Muska

Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making, By Lucky Spool

Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts by Rayna Gillman

Where Women Create: Quilters. Their Quilts, their Studios and their Stories by Jo Packham

Quilting With a Modern Slant by Rachel May

Stitch'n Swap by Jake Finch


A Variety of some of the MAGAZINES: 

The Quilt life issues April - October 2014       


Modern Patchwork June issue2014  , American Quilter July issue 2014, Generation Q July/Aug issue 2014, Fresh Quilt Spring 2014

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