*BestSellers* Arc Paper Pieces for Florid Double Wedding Ring

Ready to take on the curves? 

My Bright Lights, Big City & Florid Blooms quilts are the most popular quilts in my double wedding ring book.

Order a signed copy of my book, Double Wedding Rings, Traditions Made Modern, and get inspired to tackle the double Wedding Ring!  Patterns are included in the book, but here I offer a set of newsprint paper arcs to make paper piecing a cinch to sew - and to remove! 

 NOTE: Bright Lights Big City quilt needs: Florid Bloom templates & these Paper pieces for arcs, and a signed copy of my book,

Florid Blooms Quilt & Retro Poly Mod quilt just need the Florid Bloom templates, and a  signed copy of my book, ( Not the paper pieced arcs)

Set of 76 arc papers included (72 arcs are needed to make 90"x 90" quilt) 

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