Home again from Lincoln, NE! June 11 2017, 0 Comments

I'm just back from a Lincoln Nebraska, to the International Quilt Study Center & Museum

where I am on the Advisory board. It was our yearly meeting, and always a huge treat to get to spend time at QuiltHouse!  


Currently, Bill Volckening is having a exhibit of some of his Double knit polyester quilts... 

We both collect, he has more. ;-)  We have a huge fondness for these quilts...Here isa flash back on an article on the two of us, My Double knit twin. ;-)





Reunited!  Sort of. ;-)


We get a peak at many new acquisitions when we are there... Here is a new Hawaiian quilt they now have. it's always fun to see what new quilts are now part of the collection.


Another beauty....


Geeta Kandlewhal is also in the board with us, and it was inspiring to hear her talk about this quilt she made on the Ghandi.  She is n amazing quilt Artist and collector from Mumbai, India. Greta is the author of Godharis of Maharashtra. She told a very moving story about this quilt. 



Thank you Geeta for my pin cushion.  *wink!


I'll share more pictures this week! Happy to be home!

Get your Tickets! June 01 2017, 0 Comments


This quilt was made by YOU!



Win this "Coming Together" Quilt! Support ALS! This quilt was made by me with help of many of YOU by hand piecing these blocks at QuiltCon 2016! Please share and help spread the word! Got tickets? 


Thank you, Quilters Dream Batting, Marcus FabricsBradley Mitchell (Aurifil)Elena Gregotti Alex Veronelli and Juki Home for your support of this project. Your support goes a long way! Thank you!!

Green & Red is in the shop! May 29 2017, 1 Comment


If you've been following my blog for a while ,you will know this fact about me...

I LOVE  GREEN & RED together!

Need proof?  Here's a small smattering of the 5-10 green & red quilts I make each year!




I love subtle Holiday fabrics, Fabrics that read Green & Red. So they can be red & green without being  overly "Christmas-y."  ...Although I do love me some Santa and reindeer fabrics too, who am I kidding? Need more proof?  Click here.



But in general, I love the combo of colors.  I also love vintage quilts and red, green and yellow here hugely popular back in the day, so this can work both ways... Modern vintage!





This wreath print can be used as a WHOLE cloth panel, or chop it up to make some amazing designs! Below using my Snack set template #6 from the variety pack to make this cute block! ( BTW: Snack Set Sew-a-long at Facebook! Come play along!)



....Or as a whole cloth,  adding the scalloped borders around and a little applique to make a sweet tree skirt, or table top quilt, or Large Four block quilt!  All NEW products are here.



...And you know I love a great polka dot!  This linen colored with white dot, ( it is cotton, not linen) also comes in red! It looks great all cut up, or as a backing!





All of these beauties are now in the webshop and in the VFW quilts NYC store.  

No Two Alike pattern & templates, Christmas Street Pattern, and GARLAND Double wedding ring quilt kit ready to go


Christmas Street Pattern!




And... If you are following me on INSTAGRAMyou can pop over there to enter my Green & RED Giveaway! ( at Instagram ONLY)

A very special Quilt May 21 2017, 0 Comments

Late last summer, I rcvd an email from a Grandmother, whose granddaughter had passed away quite young from a rare cancer.  She asked me if I could make a quilt from Cheli's pjs, as she spent a good deal of her little life in them... I was very touched by the project, as she was wanting it to give to her daughter as memory quilt.  I was overwhelmed by the idea of making such a special quilt, and was nervous to take it on, but after meeting her, and her stories she shared of Cheli, I couldn't' say no.  Cheli's favorite color was purple, so Everything within the quilt that is Purple are the fabrics I added, everything else is made up of the Pajama clothing that I was given to make this quilt.



To make it, I had to deconstruct the clothing into useable pieces. I used Pellon 906F toFuse to the fabrics, so that I could sew them without them stretching.  I wanted to keep the fabrics as full as possible, capturing the elements of the PJ's, to best capture her sweet spirit.


I added her name by using reverse raw edge appliqué, and added some hand big stick quilting around the letters, and over all, I think it turned into a very sweet quilt.  It will be given Cheli's mother at the one year anniversary of her death.


This type of project is not for everyone. Some people can not understand how or why you'd want to hold on to those memories. But for me, and plenty of others, ( I do get asked to make many quilts like this) Memory quilts are a great way to hang on to something tangible to remember what a blessed soul they are.  Never met Cheli, But I felt drawn to her through he fabrics, and could celebrate her life with a smile. This project really touched my heart... I now am making a second quilt for the grandmother.  


Making these quilts are very healing... and I am honored that they asked me to make this quilt for them.


I used my Double wedding ring center piece "Concave square," and the FULL melon to make this quilt. I love the shapes and space it gave me to capture the elements in the fabrics that were so sweet... 

Totally Trees Sizzix Die! May 20 2017, 0 Comments


We are having a whole lot of fun at Spring Quilt Market! It's always fun to realize the new work that we've been sitting on for ages!  Now we can all play with new toys! haha!

The last of my three dies is TOTALLY TREES!  Simple shapes great for scrap busting to make these darling trees in various sizes.... 

I've been having a lot of fun playing with positive negative space,

 and making scrap quits as well!


Using the same die to whip through my scrap bins to make this adorable new pillow for my couch...  I hope you've enjoyed seeing the new Sizzix dies!


Be sure to visit my website, as we now have my line of dies listed at the website.

click here  *Limited stock available

The NEWEST dies will be available in June!




You don't want to miss out seeing Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts on Fresh Quilting, staring today! 😉Get all the details on this new episode here: 
---> http://www.sizzix.com/blog/catch-victoria-findlay-wolfe-on-fresh-quilting/

Please Help! May 19 2017, 0 Comments


"Come Together" by Victoria Findlay Wolfe with blocks by attendees of QuiltCon 2015. Quilted by Sarabeth Rebe. 83' x 71'


You might remember this project from QuiltCon in Pasadena. We asked Marcus booth visitors to stitch a simple Drunkard's Path block with My Mostly Manor collection.  Well, with those blocks, I created this design, which was then quilted by Sarabeth Rebe. It was donated to the Hopes & Dreams Challenge, an ongoing effort spearheaded by Quilters Dream Batting

And NOW, you can support ALS families and research by purchasing raffle tickets to win this designer masterpeice!  Tickets are only $5 per chance (or 5 chances for $20) and can be purchased online now through the drawing date of June 19, 2017.  A fulll 100% of the raffle proceeds will be split between family support and research funding. (NOTE: If you're attending Spring Quilt Market in St. Louis this weekend, you can also purchase your tickets at the Quilters Dream booth # 2240)

--  Grand Prize:  Win the “Come Together” Quilt by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, plus a Case of Quilters Dream Batting

--  1st and 2nd Prizes:  Deluxe Quilter’s Gift Baskets will also be awarded to two lucky winners.

Thanks to our raffle co-sponsors;  Quilters Dream BattingAurifil, and Juki America,and thank you again to the many quilters who "came together" as quilters often do, to stitch blocks for inclusion in this quilt!


Please share this info with all of your friends and guilds... We need to do well here, and raise some funds, a way for all of use to help, $5 at time!  Easy to do, you know you will spend that on fabric anyway! 

One lucky person will get to take the quilt home! Let's see how much we can raise!!


Tickets are only $5 per chance (or 5 chances for $20) and can be purchased online

To market, to market! May 13 2017, 0 Comments


It's that time of year again! Spring Quilt Market starts this week!  This is the Industry Trade Show, (not for public) for buyers buying for their Quilt related shops!  All the new products that are newly released that you will soon be seeing on the store shelves.


Each market I have three new Sizzix Dies that release for the Quilting market.


Sizzix is a 40 year old company. Remember in elementary schools all the die cuts of letters and flowers?  Ellison Corp. is the parent company... They have been doing die cutting for a long time.


Sizzix has three different size machines.

Big Shot,  -- uses 6" dies

Big Shot Plus,  -- uses 6" and 9" dies

and the

Big shot Pro.-- uses 6" , 9" and 12" dies


We cut 8 layers of fabric at a time.  (Accuquilt cuts 6)


I design for all machines sizes... By mostly they fall in the 6" and 9" platforms... which gives you over 80 dies to use on the two smaller machines!...and....


You can ALSO use Accuquilt dies in Sizzix machines using a "Go adapter pad" that is a shim to make up for the thinness of there die.


Because our dies are thicker, Sizzix dies do not work in Accuquilt. (we cut 8 layers, they cut 6)  

So that gives you even more die options to use on your Sizzix...


IF YOU ARE GOING to Market:  Myself, and Jenny Doan are doing our "Schoolhouse" session together as we both design for Sizzix. Please come see us: Room #265, at 4:40 – 5:10 Thursday



One of my new dies (which will be in stores in JUNE)  is the Varied Triangle die! 

 How cute is this quilt? Three shapes, makes this amazing quilt. The instructions for this quilt is in the packaging of the die.


The possibilities are endless for design! 

The Heart quilt below is ALSO made using this die! All in color placement!




Each day this coming week, I will be showing you my new Sizzix dies, Fabrics lines and (info on my New book Modern Quilt Magic preorder now! !) that will be in stores sometime this year...


We are adding my other Sizzix dies to the website this coming week. Stay tuned!!



Be sure to visit vfwquilts.com for all the new goodies! 

Thunder Struck has been super popular this week!

A Lot of SNACKING going on! May 09 2017, 0 Comments

Alejandra's are fabulously scrappy!

There is a lot of SNACKING going on over at the FACEBOOK Snack set Sew-a-long group page!  Here's a few of the goodies that appeared this week. Buy your SNACK SETS HERE


The Studio has been humming along getting last minute finishes made for Spring Quilt Market which is the end of next week, but next Monday I am going on retreat with my pals, so I have to be done this week!  I can tall you, CHRISTMAS QUILTS are being made with my GREEN & RED line due in the store end of May, and  a sneak peak of my line after that!    ALSO, my next three NEW SIZZIX dies have been revealed already if you didn't see the video a couple posts below...  

This past week, I've been adding all my Sizzix dies to my website, so if you are looking for them, they will be there shortly... The newest ones will not be available until June...


Marilyn's look amazing in my MOSTLY MANOR fabrics!


I'm loving seeing how other SNACK set blocks are turning out!! Come join in the fun!!





Lorena's are super cute with that stripe!

Giveaway at Okan Arts! May 06 2017, 0 Comments


Have you seen the awesome give-away at Okan Arts??  FOUR large bundles of my LIGHT WORK collection, AND four 4 packs of my Light Work threads!!


Get on over there to enter, 


If you want to play right away, hop on over to vfwquilts to pick up your templates!


Then be sure to JOIN our FACEBOOK Snack set Sew-a-Long group!



I'll be in the STORE today, come by and say hi!


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Snack Set Sew-a-long May 05 2017, 6 Comments


Happy Friday!

Need a project to start?  


Hahaha! Funny right?

Well I alway have multiple projects going on, and sometimes, they are lifetime projects... One fo my current favorites are making my Variety Block templates, or the "snack sets" as I like to call them, as  You can't just make one!

I started a sew-a-long Facebook group where we can all share our progress of our little cuties... We all love to show our work, talk about fabrics, and this make adorable things, so this is a place for you to play along!  No hurry, no deadline, join in at any time... Just pop over to Facebook, and  join/request to join my:


VFW Quilts : Snack Set Sew-a-long


I will be providing inspirational ideas on ways to use your sets, 

(which have sold very well! I can see you are all enjoying them!)


And I will do video's on each of the blocks one the next several weeks.

The blocks can be hand or machine pieced. Perfect for scrappy quilts, and just frankly, very addicting to make!


You can use the WHOLE Variety pack set, or pick up just ONE set that intrigues you! 

They are all easy to piece!


The Variety Pack includes All 7 snack set template sets.  

Bonus* Snack set #6 block makes TWO different blocks, which means, you get 8 Blocks from a 7 block set!


Snack set One

Snack set Two

Snack set Three

Snack set Four

Snack set Five

Snack set Six

Snack set Seven


Variety Pack



Come play along! An easy FUN sew-a-long!





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